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                                      Henan east China Sea composite materials Co., Ltd. (formerly: Xinxiang City Donghai chemical limited liability company) is located in the north of the city -- Xinxiang City, convenient transportation, with good economic environment and geographical conditions. Factory covers an area of 20000 square meters, the production area of more than 17000 square meters, to ensure the normal production of all products of the company.  Since the creation of the company in 1994, the joint efforts of all employees are growing. With strong technical force and complete quality assurance system, in 2005 passed the ISO9001:2000 quality management system certification, in 2006 passed the ISO14001:2004 environ...
                                    Since its inception in 1994, has a strong
                                    technical The quality assurance system,
                                    the operation force and the complete
                                    quality assurance system.
                                    Company's existing glass steel pull
                                    extrusion production line 10, glass 5 sets
                                    of steelpresses, 2 sets of SMC sheets,
                                    BMC 2 sets of production equipment,
                                    special glass fiber reinforced plastic
                                    pigment paste production Equipment 2.
                                    Currently based on the company's
                                    products series, intelligent design ,
                                    excellent performance and perfect
                                    service,make the company Products
                                    in the industryhas always been
                                    in a leading position.
                                    The company has a strong
                                    constructionteam,engaged in the
                                    design, productionof glass steel
                                    products, moldproduction, technology
                                    transfer andtechnical training and
                                    other services.
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                                    Contact:Mr.wang 13803807005
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